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Did you know...

...that PMA parts must meet or exceed the same standards that OEM parts must meet to receive FAA approval?  The PMA approval process is a rigorous approval process that takes months and sometimes years to complete.  Every step of the process is approved by an FAA official before the next step is undertaken.  In addition, the part must be shown to be equal to or better than the OEM part which it is replacing.  As a result, PMA parts are often much higher quality and of more ingenious design than the parts that they replace.  As a general rule, these parts are also less expensive because they are usually presented to market by a smaller company with less overhead.  In supporting the PMA market you are supporting small business and helping the quality of aviation parts to continue to improve as a result of healthy  competition.


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FAA PMA Approvals

When installing APS (Aviation Products Systems, Inc.) FAA - PMA parts, no special instructions are required for continued airworthiness, or for installation and operation.  APS parts can be maintained and inspected in accordance with current OEM publications for continued airworthiness.

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